CR700 AC Drive

Spanning 0.55-315 kilowatt (kW) standard ratings with higher capacity drives available upon request, the CR700 AC drive range comes equipped with various crane- and hoist-specific software to ensure safety and precision.

The CR700 series from Yaskawa is designed specifically for the crane and hoist industry, and the drives come with a series of safety features. These include Safe Torque Off, a safety redundancy feature, as well as an anti-sway control software.

The drives also include a function that synchronises two motors using encoder feedback, which ensures the load is level and prevents any tipping while removing the need for antiquated mechanical links that can wear or break over time.

• Standard 24V DC control signal interface
• All drives listed have built in EMC Filter (C3 Class). Note - Internal EMC Filter is OFF by default and will need to be turned ON for compliance of the EMC Directive. Please refer to the technical manual for further information
• All drives up to and including 75kW have built-in braking chopper (please contact CPA on drives above this rating for braking chopper quote)
• All drives rated to IP20
• Open Loop as standard – For Closed Loop operation, i.e. Hoisting, please select PG-X3, Line Driver PG-Interface Card 300kHz, or required interface card from peripherals list

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