SVG Static Var Generator

Capacitor Based Power Factor Correction

At CPA we offer the latest generation of advanced performance PFC solutions that offer instantaneous, dynamic step-less compensation, ideal for the challenging demands of modern electrical environments. 

The Sinexcel SVG solutions offer many advantages due to their compact & modular configuration (including wall-mount options).

 Reactive power compensation: COSφ=0.99
– Three-phase unbalance compensation
– Capacitive and inductive compensation: -1 to +1
– All these help avoid fine imposed due to a too low power factor

Real-time compensation, with the overall response time less than 15 ms
– Dynamic reaction time is less than 50μs.
– Free of over-compensation, under-compensation, and harmonic resonance. 

The compensation capacity is equal to the installed capacity and is not affected by voltage drop

– Concept of component-based design, with the same application mode as common reactive power compensation
– The capacity of a single module can be 50 kvar and 100 kvar, and the capacity of a single cabinet can be 500 kvar.

The cabinet is also customizable.
– Easy to use, transport, and maintain

– SVG for reactive power compensation
– SVG+SVC for reactive power compensation
– SVG+AHF for compensation


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