Controlling motion in high-speed, high-rise applications

The elevator industry is changing. New advancements are revolutionising the way elevators operate; including a greater emphasis on energy efficiency, IIoT driven predictive maintenance to ensure maximum uptime and Automatic Rescue Devices to ensure elevator operation in the event of a power outage. As lift technologies evolve, businesses and operators must also adapt to these changes. We are a trusted partner of independent controller manufacturers globally, supplying elevator-specific AC and DC motor control solutions for new lift and modernisation projects.


We know there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in such a critical power application. Since CP Automation’s acquisition of Magnetek Elevator UK, we now supply its specialised AC and DC drives for geared and gearless lift applications. This is combined with our own expertise of the vertical transportation industry. We also offer retrofit solutions. This includes adding regeneration options to an existing installation so that building owners can benefit from improved process control, stable output voltage and associated energy savings.

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Most popular products

Elevator AC Drives

Our elevator drive products are designed specifically for elevator applications and so combine ease of set-up with industry leading performance in terms of ride quality and long-term reliability. With the added benefit of full support from the CPA team, our drives have become the ‘safe’ choice for elevator controller manufacturers globally.

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Elevator DC Drives

DC drives are essential for controlling the speed of electric motors. These drives control speed in both geared and gearless elevator systems, for new construction and modernisation projects. Our regenerative elevator-specific DC drives can be found is many of the world’s tallest buildings, keeping the elevators and escalators running as intended.

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Regeneration Solutions

Regenerative drives convert the mechanical energy of electric motors and the connected load into electrical energy while under braking conditions. The resulting energy is then returned, or regenerated, to the AC power source. Our RegenAC regenerative solutions are an important asset in lift environments, because they capture excess energy that would otherwise be released as waste heat. This captured energy can then be fed back into the system, delivering important energy- and cost-saving benefits. 

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UPS/ARD Solutions

Some technologies are designed specifically for the event of a power outage in the electrical network. They include uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for elevators and emergency automatic rescue devices (ARDs). CP Automation’s solutions provide continuous load supply in critical conditions, such as inverter failures and overheating, and are suitable for connected devices in a range of high-rise environments.

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