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Transient over-voltages caused by lightning strikes can result in the disruption and failure of electrical installations and equipment — leading to hours of unplanned downtime.

The need for surge protection is clear: voltage spikes typically last one to 30 microseconds and can reach over 1,000 volts. Meanwhile, longer-term voltage surges can last for seconds, minutes or even hours. In some cases, this can lead to complete equipment failure, halting productivity.

Left unattended, transient and power surges lead to false zero crossing of the sine wave — the instantaneous point at which no voltage is present. Also, electrical devices can be falsely triggered because of fast-changing signals caused by transients.  

Symptoms of transient over-voltages include:

  • Premature component failure and unexpected power events
  • Frequent plant and equipment downtime
  • False zero crossings of the sine wave
  • Communication errors and ghost errors

Transients, spikes and surges are hidden disruptions to industrial operations. You can easily spend hours trying to find the cause of your equipment downtime — and still not get to the bottom of things.

SineTamer® the latest in 3-phase surge protection

SineTamer® is a transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) device that’s designed to protect variable frequency AC/DC drives and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Unlike traditional surge protective devices (SPDs), SineTamer® uses special frequency attenuation circuitry rather than voltage actuation. This means that the device can actively track and follow the sinewave form – protecting all 360 degrees of it, not just the extremes. This type of protection is only available from the SineTamer® family, and it allows operators to react fast and effectively to remove any unwanted energy.

Why do I need SineTamer®?

Over the year, equipment processing power has increased and, as a result, the electronics inside are running on lower voltages — making them vulnerable to transients. Also, many industrial facilities have embraced newer technology that, while revolutionising production, has made them more vulnerable. For example, many are now using variable speed drives (VSDs) to control the frequency and voltage supplied to electric motors – but these are at risk of harmonics.

Relying on standard low-cost SPDs is problematic. First, they do not account for low-level transient surges, and they almost never have a relay output.

Once conventional surge arrestors blow following a transient, the site is no longer protected. Also, they will only kick in once the voltage hits a certain threshold — but, at this point, significant let-through voltage has built up.

SineTamer® is unique because it can take multiple hits and continue protecting even after an incident occurs. It can also minimise let-through voltage, preventing issues later down the line.

More than surge protective devices

As an experienced power quality specialist, we’re on hand to help. We won’t just supply you with a SineTamer® device. We can also provide a dedicated measure, analyse, report, and solve (M.A.R.S.) service.

As part of this service, we can capture, review and analyse any transient data on your site and feed it back to you in a detailed report.

If you’re concerned about lightning strikes and transient surges, work with an experienced power quality partner who can protect your site. Contact us to find out how we can support you.

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