Capacitor Based Power Factor Correction

At CPA we offer a wide range of  PFC equipment at all voltage levels (LV to HV) for all applications, including:

  • Fixed PFC – Perfect for the correction of steady state electrical loads and individual motors.
  • Automatic PFC – Sometimes referred to as ‘bulk’ PFC as it tends to be installed at or close to the main electricity incomer, it corrects the power factor of the whole system.
  • Detuned PFC – Fixed, automatic or dynamic, for use on harmonic-laden systems or to avoid possible resonance conditions.
  • Dynamic PFC – Often referred to as ‘real-time’ power factor
    correction, thyristor-switched capacitor banks that typically respond within one cycle provide the necessary power factor correction for rapidly changing dynamic loads. This reactive power compensation technology is also often used in voltage control applications.
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