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Power and motion control is key to any material handling system or application ― especially those involving cranes and hoists. Recently, CP Automation has expanded its team by creating a dedicated Crane and Power Transmission department, which supplies variable frequency drives and wireless controls for overhead cranes. Since then, we have expanded our range to cater for even more crane projects.

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The elevator industry is changing. Several new advancements could revolutionise the way elevators operate including the rise of twin elevator systems, added movement capacities and a growing reliance on smaller motors. As lift technologies evolve, businesses and operators must also adapt to these changes.

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Variable speed drives (VSDs) and ancillaries

Where there’s motion, there’s power. VSDs, or variable frequency drives (VFD), gradually accelerate motors from a standstill to prevent them starting instantly, which produces a large current. Therefore, as well as extending the motor’s service life, VSDs are critical for controlling speed and torque. This makes them ideal for use in cranes, elevators and other industrial applications, where they help prevent wear on the motor and deliver important energy savings.

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Power quality

With energy demand increasing, harmonic distortion, reactive power and other disturbances can lead to higher consumption and reduced system capacity. The result? This harms electrical distribution systems and any equipment using them.

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