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Power and motion control is key to any material handling system or application ― especially those involving cranes and hoists. Recently, CP Automation has expanded its team by creating a dedicated Crane and Power Transmission department, which supplies variable frequency drives and wireless controls for overhead cranes. Since then, we have expanded our range to cater for even more crane projects


We are backed up by advanced manufacturing, technical engineering and best-in-class application support, as well as being a reliable partner for the material handling industry.

Customers can incorporate our products into a variety of turnkey solutions and innovative control systems for many different environments.

Most popular products

Crane AC Drives

Industrial and overhead travelling cranes are some of the most common types of cranes. In industrial environments where hoists and gantries are present, a swaying load suspended by cables from a gripping device poses safety hazards, including falling objects. The solution? Controlling the crane’s motion with the highest precision. Our dedicated range of Crane drives can help by detecting overload conditions and preventing upward motion when these conditions are present.

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Collision Avoidance

The only thing more dangerous than swaying loads are collisions, between multiple cranes or with stop points. Avoiding these collisions can help reduce maintenance costs by minimising contact, increasing the safety of the crane’s operator and everyone working around and beneath it. Magnetek’s ReFlx® 45 is ideal for use with all types of cranes with adjustable frequency drives, soft starters, or contactor controls.

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Crane DC Drives

The Magnetek® OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive can improve performance, safety and reliability in DC-operated material handling applications. As well as improving efficiency, it is designed for a quick setup, and with easy data access and remote monitoring in mind. Using semiconductor technology, the DDC Series 2 provides advanced control of motor speed, in order to deliver vital energy savings and reduce electrical energy costs.

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Magnet controller

The MagnePulse™ DMC Series 2 Digital Magnet Control enables fast, precise control of magnetic lifting force, and improves material handling safety by monitoring itself and maintaining safe thresholds for the magnet that it’s controlling.   It can also improve crane productivity, and reduces malignance and downtime, by reducing magnet heat up to 50 per cent. This minimises the need for magnet changeouts.

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Wireless Radios

Wireless radios are a reliable way of controlling the speed and positioning of material handling equipment in industrial facilities. Using this technology, crane operators can remotely control cranes and hoists at a safe distance from the load, while also benefiting from an improved point of view.

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