GA500 Series AC Drive

The GA500 drive is one of our easiest to program drives, with user-friendly standard programming for basic applications and advanced programming capability for high performance environments.

The GA500 is designed with a kW range from 0.55 - 22kW (HD rated) and a dimensional footprint that matches the V1000/G+ Mini drive. All this, plus assured reliability and lower cost make the GA500 Adjustable Frequency Drive For Crane Control the product of choice for your overhead material handling needs. Best used in travel motion applications with our quick start guide.

• Standard 24V DC control signal interface
• All drives listed have built-in EMC Filter (C2 Class). Note - Internal EMC Filter is OFF by default and need to be turned to the ON position to enable the built-in EMC filter in compliance with the EMC Directive. Please refer to the technical manual for further information
• All drives listed below (<75kW) have built-in braking chopper.
• Open Loop Drive

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