Flex Base

Flex Base systems are packaged with two transmitters and a receiver, allowing for easy replacement and increased uptime. Our 4- and 6-button transmitters are paired with the space-saving MRX micro-receiver, while 8- and 12-button transmitters are paired with the Flex Base standard size receiver. 4- and 6-button models are available with standard size reciever for special applications.

• Designed to simplify installation and provide flexibility for easy adjustments or configurations
• Onboard diagnostic and output LEDs provide useful system status information for installation
and troubleshooting
• Includes 1.8m of cable and mounting hardware
• Rugged IP66 rated fully sealed receiver enclosures provide you with confidence and protection
in harsh indoor and outdoor environments
• Includes an internal antenna with full range capability, and optional fitting for external antenna

The feature-rich Flex Base receiver offers more control capabilities
and options suitable for overhead cranes, for functions such as lights,
magnet controls, and powered lifting devices.

Flex Base receivers were designed with field installation and serviceability in mind. Receivers come prewired with a cable and mounting hardware for fast installation. Onboard diagnostic and output LEDs provide useful system status information when installing and troubleshooting. All components are easily accessible and field replaceable.

This lightweight receiver can be mounted on the control panel or the body
of a hoist without causing any system imbalance.
• The Voltage Select feature automatically adapts to the control voltage
from three available power supplies: 9-36 VDC, 24-42 VAC, and
48-240 VAC available

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