Webguiding Systems

Webguiding systems



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During web processing sometimes happens that the material moves from the right stroke, causing a misaligned printing and an incorrect rewinding.


To avoid these problems and maximize productivity, reducing wastes and machine interruptions, it is necessary to install a webguide system to guarantee a correct web alignment also at high speed.


Re webguiding systems are designed to solve the problems of edge, centre and line guides for all kinds of material. Thanks to highly innovative technical solutions we have created a range of products that offer our clients numerous advantages, including:


- High precision stepping motor electrical movement.

- Proportional error response for fast, precise checking.

- Practically non-existent maintenance costs.


All the web guiding systems consist of a series of fundamental elements:


- Electro-mechanical devices: linear actuators, pivot guides, steering rollers.

- Position sensors suitable for all kinds of material: transmitted or reflected light sensors, ultrasonic sensors and microcontroller optoelectronic sensors.

- Microprocessor control units for analysing data and regulating all the required functions.


Functioning the web guiding system:

1 - Sensors read the edge position or the line of the web and send a signal to the control unit.

2 - The control unit analyses the information and transforms it in a correction signal that is sent to the mechanical device.

3 - The mechanical device corrects the web position and aligns it according to the desired position.