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A “Real Time” check of the print quality when the machine is moving, is the main aim to reduce wastes, maximize productivity and improve printing quality.


To do that, the image must be stopped on part of the print to analyse the qualifying parameters and control that:


- the adjustment is precise

- the ink is evenly distributed on the cylinders

- the density and tone of the colour remains constant over time


The ReVision II plus web viewing system designed and manufactured by our technicians, thanks to a special digital image sensor CMOS with a resolution of 3.2 Mpixel, xenon lamps and motorized zoom up to 20X, ensure fidelity colours and print quality.


We design different models of ReVision II plus web viewing system with viewing area from 37x50 to 210x290 and with the possibility to add many options such as the touch screen monitor, the barcode function, the external strobo lamp, lamp for UV inks and the double camera that guarantee satisfaction for all customer’s requirements.


ReVision II plus web viewing system