CPA-0010-01009D02 Standby UPS

1000VA Model

Power quality disturbances including voltage fluctuations, over voltage, under voltage, and voltage blackouts occur unexpectedly. In the event of these common power problems, the CPA-0010-01009D01 UPS activates to protect all conncted critical loads.

The CPA-0010-01009D01 includes features such as an HID compliant USB Communication Port, USB charging port, RJ45 protection and an LCD display to provide critical information. 

RS232 DB9 Port gives Low Battery & UPS Healthy contact outputs.

Compact design — allows for horizontal or vertical placement; keyholes enable this lightweight UPS to be conveniently mounted on a wall

Easy to replace battery — from bottom compartment

Auto restart — after full battery discharge, the UPS automatically restarts when utility power returns

USB Communications — USB HID compliant port enables plug and play communications between servers, desktops, and the UPS

LCD display — provides input/ output voltage, load level and battery capacity

Surge Protection — guard your electronics against lightning, surges and spikes

USB Charging port — allows you to charge your mobile devices during power outages


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