Tension Controllers

Tension controllers



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Web tension has today an important role for companies that aim to play an important role in the sectors of converting, paper and cartonboard, aluminium foil, textile, wire and cables.


Tension control and regulation are necessary to keep constant the desired web tension, avoiding the possibility of material brakes in any phase of web processing.


Since 30 years we develop and produce tension controllers for laminating and more. Are thousands the applications in which our tension controllers have been installed, from the beginning with the analogical control 70.01, later with the series MW.90, with more than 5000 systems installed everywhere in the world and more than 100 customized software for our customers, till the last one T-One.


Versatility, reliability and performance are the main features that have allowed the success to our tension controllers during the years and all over the world.


Closed loop tension control


1. the sensor (load cell or dancing roller) constantly and precisely detects the web tension and give an input to the tension controller.


2. the tension controller compares the web tension value with the predetermined reference “setpoint” and give the input to the brake or motor to adjust the web tension.


3. the brake, changing the torque, or the motor, changing rpm, modify the web tension according to the desired value.


Open loop tension control


1. the ultrasonic sensor US.3 detect the reel’s diameter and compares it with the predetermined reference “setpoint”.


2. the brake or the motor act to modify the web tension according to the desired value.