Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices



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Roxburgh EMC offer an extensive range of surge suppression solutions for signal line protection, DC power supply and low voltage power distribution systems. This range of Surge protectors reduce the transient overvoltages inside a facility or equipment, protecting against the indirect effects of lightning, and transients which originated within the facility.


All cables leaving a building can also provide a route back into the building, therefore, protection must be installed on: Mains Power Supplies (including UPS - Class C and Class B); Data Communications and Local Area Network Cables; Signal, Control, Instrumentation and Alarm Lines; Telephone and Telemetry Lines.


Surge Protection Devices have historically not been covered by BS7671 Wiring Regulations, despite the vital role they can play in protecting electrical and electronic equipment. However, this has now changed with the recently published first amendment implemented 1st January 2012. See downloads.


Class C - Low Voltage Power Supply Protection

Class C - DC Power Protection

Class B - Low Voltage Power System Protection

VSU - Voltage Suppression unit (External) - 2W, 3W and 4W