Standard Dynamic Braking Resistors

Standard Dynamic Braking Resistors



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Continuous powers up to 25kW, braking power up to 250kW


Cressall ES and DBR range of high capacity DBRs for regenerative braking are low cost, easy to specify, quick to install and with ratings to suit most commonly supplied inverter drives. Units can be supplied either from stock or can be manufactured within a few days.


Continuous Powers to 100kW, braking power up to 1MW


Cressall SD and HPR DBRs are suitable for continuous powers to 100kW. They are manufactured to order but built to a standard design and can be supplied in a few weeks. Enclosure degree of protection can be IP20 or 23; materials are usually 304 or 316-grade stainless steel, but can be painted or galvanized mild steel if required.


Specialist dynamic braking resistors


For continuous powers of more than 100kW, for medium/high voltage use, with fan or water cooling or for use in specialist applications such as marine, mining etc we can design custom resistors to your specification.


Previous designs include:


• 800kW continuously rated fan cooled, 316 stainless steel, deck-mounted for pipe laying vessels.

• 1.0MW continuously rated fresh water-cooled for winch braking.

• 1.5MW continuously rated naturally cooled, silent operation, for use on the third rail of a metro system.

• 15MJ air to water cooled IP56 closed loop unit for hazardous environments.