Revcon RHD

RHD Regen unit for engine test stands, escalators, hydroelectric power plants etc.

Compared to the brake chopper, the REVCON RHD is using regenerative braking instead of converting the energy into heat. The energy is fed into the network through an appropriate inverting procedure. The continuously starting feedback process on the RHD creates an only minor voltage raise on the DC bus.

The regen unit REVCON RHD was designed for continuous regen operation, for example for test stands for engines, escalators etc. The rated power of the RHD model is the continuous braking power and can be transmitted for a duty cycle of 100%. The RHD regen current waveform mainly corresponds to the wave form of the converter input current and is thus suitable for standard industrial networks.

RHD Advantages:

  • Small compact size including regen choke
  • Braking energy of drive systems is regenerated into the network
  • RHD Regen power can be sized to the application (e.g. 90kW drive with 30kW regen unit)
  • Capacity range 4kW to 300kW
  • High flexibility: mains voltages range from 230, 400, 460, 500 to 690V
  • DC coupling of several drives possible.
  • Low-loss and high-quality IGBT modules
  • High reliability: electronic overload protection for feedback operation
  • Monitoring of mains voltage, phase rotation and temperature
  • High efficiency of > 98% due to effective real time control and analogous function principle
  • Enables highly dynamic braking operations
  • User-friendly start-up, as no programming or settings are required
  • Significant reduction of heat loss by regenerative operation.
  • Due to the innovative concept, the RHD power feedback unit is maintenance-free
  • Duty cycle 100%