Regenerative Braking Units

Regenerative Braking Units from CP Automation are designed to be the best, the units are manufactured and designed to be small and compact in size to provide the end user with what they need. Regenerative Braking Units can include Continuous Braking and also Short Term Braking Units.

Continuous Regenerative Braking Units include the RHD Regen Unit Range, these are suitable for Engine Test Stands, Escalators and Hydroelectric Power Plants just to name a few. RHD Regenerative Braking Units convers energy into heat. All the energy that comes away is through the appropriate network using the very best inverting procedures that are equipped inside the RHD Regenerative Braking Units.

Advantages of the RHD Regenerative Braking Units include the small, compact sizing, the energy of the drive systems is regenerated back into the network, and Capacity ranges can go from the lowest 4kW to the maximum 300kW.

The RHD Regenerative Braking Units are available for 230, 400, 460 and 500 to 690 V Main Voltages. The RHD Range of Braking Units provide possible DC Coupling of several drives with low loss and high quality IGBT Modules. Regenerative Braking Units from the RHD Range offer electronic overload protection for feedback operation which also provides very high reliability for the product.

RHD Regenerative Braking Units and IP20 Rated which ensures that there is protection to the unts such as hazardous parts- the Regenerative Braking Units from the RHD Range ensures nothing more that 12.5mm can fall or slide into the units.

Short Term Regenerative Braking Units are suitable for Elevators, Crane Systems and Centrifuges just to name a few. These units use regenerative braking instead of converting energy into a heat source.

This energy is fed back into the Regenerative Braking Unit through a appropriate inverting procedure. These units are designed for non continuous operation which make them perfect for elevator, crane and centrifuge usages. RLD Regenerative Braking Units have a capacity range of 4kW to 433kW which ensures there is a suitable product for any use.

Enquiring about the Regenerative Braking Unit Systems from CP Automation couldn’t be any easier. You can contact one of the team via telephone or Email- there is also a contact form on the CP Automation website.