High-performance line regeneration for elevator applications.

Any time an AC motor is overhauled by the driven load, excess energy is generated and fed back to the inverter. In elevator applications, this condition occurs on virtually every run. This energy must be properly handled to avoid drive faults or possible equipment damage.

RegenAC™ reclaims excess regenerative energy from the motor and supplies it back to the 3-phase AC power system. RegenAC is wired in parallel with the adjustable frequency drive. It takes the place of traditional dynamic braking resistors, which dissipate excess energy into the ambient environment in the form of ‘heat.’

  • Reduces the energy consumed

  • May qualify for utility rebates

  • Reduces machine room heating created by operation of dynamic braking resistors

  • Beneficial in gearless applications

  • Energy saving option with new drive installations or as an upgrade to existing drives

  • Rated for elevator duty cycles

  • Compact design for optimized panel space

  • Independently sized for regeneration requirements

  • Use in conjunction with traditional dynamic braking resistors when line regeneration is prohibited (i.e. emergency power conditions)

  • Add to any existing AC drive to make a regenerative system

  • System Kit – All system components (for customer installation)

  • Panel-Mounted Kit – All system components are panel mounted and factory wired

  • Enclosed Package Kit – All system components in a factory wired enclosure

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