Standard AC Motors

The CHT series motors have been developed to be used successfully in conjunction with gearboxes and, therefore, have mechanical and electrical characteristics and components particularly suitable for this purpose and these applications. All our CHT series motors are IP55, insulation class F with phase separators to be able to be used with inverter drives/VSD’s/VFD’s, in these applications they can also be supplied complete with power/forced ventilation to enable the required cooling whilst being controlled with inverter drives/VSD’s/VFD’s. The motors and gearboxes are painted with grey RAL 9022 epoxy powders.

  • CHT series motors have a squirrel cage rotor, closed with external surface ventilation.
  • Design, construction and testing in compliance with CEI2-3 standards, international standards IEC 34-1 and the main foreign standards.
  • Power and associated dimensions are according to IEC 72 standards, UNEL-MEC national standards.
  • Insulation class F
  • IP55 protection
  • Continuous duty S1
  • European Directive ROHS 2002/95/CE
  • Phase separators
  • Volt 400/690 standard and from 160 to 355 available upon request for special applications
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