Planetary Gearboxes

  • High reliability, compact sizes/dimensions and easy assembly are among the main characteristics of new Chiravalli planetary gearboxes.
  • One of the main advantages, our planetary gearboxes can be easily assembled with electric and hydraulic motors, worm gearboxes (CHM series) and input shafts.
  • They can be assembled with different output flanges or shafts, all these characteristics make them suitable for several industrial applications.
  • Chiravalli planetary gear boxes are available in linear version (CHPL) and angular one (CHPLB).
  • Available in 11 transmission sizes, from 1,000 Nm up to 35,000 Nm, ratio reductions from 3.55:1 to 3422:1 (more options available with four reduction pre-stages; available upon request).
  • Chiravalli planetary gearboxes are available with anti-rust pre-treatment blank surface before painting for arduous and aggressive application requirements and environments.
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