Mechanical Chucks

Mechanical chucks



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Mechanical chucks are normally used in SHAFTLESS applications, to wind and unwind reels of any size and material.


The mechanical chucks are used when: the reel is too heavy to be supported by an expanding shaft, the machine is very wide or the diameter of the reel core is often different.


Re mechanical chucks guarantee an anti-slip grip which ensures maximum control of the web and they do not damage the reel core, so that it can be used again.


To solve these problems, Re Controlli Industriali offers a wide range of mechanical chucks:


- classic axial thrust mechanical chucks with keys (TM/A – TM/B)

- rotating mechanical chucks (ROTOGRIP)

- pneumatic-mechanical chucks (MX16.3)


All mechanical chucks are available in single and double diameter versions in various dimensions.