IP65 Rated Resistors

IP65 Rated Resistors


IP65 Resistors available in two styles, Slim line and Trapezoidal.


UL and CE marked from 100W to 500W Slim Line and 100W to 1000W Trapezoidal.


High Power Slim-type Aluminium Housed Resistor

Type: SLR



Low cost & Light Weight

Non-Inductive Type Available

Good Heat Conduction

Excellent Space Factor For Installation

Higher or Lower Ohmic Values available

Modules with Thermal Switch available



Charging Resistor

Dynamic Braking Resistor

Snubber Resistors

Drives, Elevators, cranes, Hoists, CNC Machines

Electric Cars and Power Source of Industrial Instruments



Standard Tolerance - ±10%, closer tolerance available

Temperature Range - -55°C to + 275°C max.@ 20°C ambient

Insulation Resistance - >20MΩ

Dielectric Strength - Available Options: 2000 VAC, 3000 VAC

Temp. Coefficient - ±50PPM/°C to 260PPM/°C

Short Term Overload - 5 x Wattage rating for 5 seconds

Derating - Derate linearly at 275°C

Teflon wire terminals - 300mm. Longer lengths upto 1.25 mtrs. Available.


Aluminium Housed Metal Clad Braking Resistors

Type : EMCH & Type : EMCV


1 On Heat Sink 60W~500W HEATSINK SIZE

2 Free Air 60W~150W 60W-120W : 200X200X3mm

3 Free Air 200W~300W 150W-300W : 300X300X3mm

4 Free Air 400W~500W 400W-500W : 450X450X3mm

5 Free Air 750W~1000W 750W-1000W : 600X600X3mm


If finned heatsink is used, surface area should be equal to the above heat sink area.

1. Operating Temp. - -55°C - +275°C

2. Insulation Resistance - >20MW MIN

3. Dielectric Strength - AC1500V, 3500V, 5000V for 1 min

4. Temp. Coefficient - 50 ppm/°C, 100ppm/°C, 260 ppm/°C

5. Short Time Over Load - 10 X Wattage Rating, 5 sec

6. Moisture resistance - temp 40°C moisture 95% DC100v500h

7. Thermal Shock - Wattage Rating 30min. -25°C, 15min

8. Vibration - 10c/c ~ 50 c/s ~ 10 c/s (1min) -2h each of paralleled and right angle.

9. Load Life - Wattage Rating 1.5 h On, 30min off, 1000h

10. Derate to zero - at 275°C



• Low Price Small Size.

• High Power and Excellent load life stability

• Excellent short time over load

• Strongly resistant to moisture & solvent.

• Self-extinguish material is used in encapsulation.

• Non-inductive type available.

• High-surge-resistant items are available.

• longer length upto 1.25 mtrs. can also be supplied.

• Models with thermal switch available.

• Custom built resistors is our speciality.




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