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Where there’s motion, there’s power. VSDs, or variable frequency drives (VFD), gradually accelerate motors from a standstill to prevent them starting instantly, which produces a large current. Therefore, as well as extending the motor’s service life, VSDs are critical for controlling speed and torque. This makes them ideal for use in cranes, elevators and other industrial applications, where they help prevent wear on the motor and deliver important energy savings. 

Variable speed drives (VSDs) and ancillaries

CP Automation offers a comprehensive, universal solution for all your VSD needs. This means we can offer everything from alternating current (AC) input devices, such as harmonic filters, through to individual motors and the necessary output modules.

Variable speed drives (VSDs) and ancillaries
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AC Input Products

We have an extensive range of AC input devices that can help improve power quality and keep voltage levels under control. These are designed with filtering in mind and can help protect your equipment from costly damage.

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Energy Braking Solutions

As well as motion, we help customers get the most out of their brake energy by converting this energy into electrical power. CP Automation’s range of solutions can improve their regenerative braking system, which includes monitoring DC link voltages to minimise power surges and prevent costly hardware damage. Our portfolio includes regenerative breaking modules, brake choppers and braking resistors. All are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind.

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