Ensuring good power quality with effective monitoring and mitigation

With energy demand increasing, harmonic distortion, reactive power and other disturbances can lead to higher consumption and reduced system capacity. The result? This harms electrical distribution systems and any equipment using them. Good power quality improves efficiency, reduces risks associated with non-linear loads and extends your equipment’s lifespan. It can also help keep your equipment’s voltage and frequency tolerances within Engineering Recommendation G5/5, IEEE519 and other industry standards.

Power quality

We supply a wide range of products and services to limit total harmonic distortion (THD) and other disturbances in your power supply. These range from active and passive harmonic filters to power factor correction and surge protection equipment. 

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Power quality
Most popular products

Harmonic Filters

Harmonic filters lower harmonic and voltage distortions and limit them to levels specified in G5/5 and other industry standards. There are three types of harmonic filters available: active, passive and hybrid filters.

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Metering devices enable you to identify any power quality and energy efficiency issues in your network, helping you improve energy performance and reduce costs.

Our range of metering equipment from our trusted partners facilitates accurate measurement, centralised monitoring and effective reporting - giving you greater control over your usage and efficiency.

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Power Factor Correction

The power factor of an AC power system is defined as the ratio of the real power to apparent power that’s flowing in the circuit.   A load with a low power factor will draw more current than a load with a high power factor, while only transferring the same amount of useful power. The higher currents will increase energy losses, creating a need for larger wires, more equipment, and higher costs. However, power factor correction compensates for poor power factor, optimising the transfer of useful power to electrical equipment. This improves the efficiency of the distribution system and power supply.

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Transients & SPD's

Safeguarding your electrical equipment is our top priority. Surge protection devices (SPD) protect devices from harmonic voltage spikes in AC circuits and power surges that, unless address, could cause lasting damage.

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