Industrial EMC Filters

Industrial EMC Filters


Roxburgh EMC offers a broad range of standard industrial style filters and mains filters which include single-phase filters, three-phase filters, and three-phase and neutral filters. Roxburgh also designs and manufactures cost-effective EMC filters for some of the world's leading OEM`s.


Roxburgh`s established and accepted range of industrial filters include, single-phase filters, three-phase filters and three-phase and neutral filters, in current ratings from 1 Amp to 1600 Amps, and performance options include single stage and multi stage EMC filters.


Roxburgh´s EMC mains filters are suitable for machine tools (KMF), HVAC (KMFA), generators (KMF), motor drives (MIF3 and KMFA), filters for inverters and servos (KMFA, MDF, MDF3, MIF, MIF3), compressors (KMF), lifts (KMFA), escalators (KMF or KMFA), cranes (KMF or KMFA) etc.


All Roxburgh EMC filters are designed and tested to meet Directive 2006/95/EC and UL1283 product safety standards. Approvals held include UL and cUL.


DRF - Din Rail Mounted Filter


PMF - Free Standing IEC In Line Filter - High Performance


C2 - High Current Encapsulated Choke


MDF Single Phase Industrial Motor, Inverter, Servo Drive Filters


MIF - Single Phase Industrial Multi Stage Filters


ABF - Single Phase, Low Leakage - Low Cost Drive Filter


IHF Single Phase Low Leakage Mains Filters - General Performance


KMF - Three Phase Industrial Mains Filters - General Purpose


KMFA - Three Phase Industrial Mains Filters - High Performance


KMFV - Three Phase Industrial Mains Filters 600V - High Voltage


MDF3 Three Phase Industrial Motor Drive Filters High Performance


MIF3 - Three Phase Industrial Multi Stage Drive Filters


IHF4 - Three Phase and Neutral Low Leakage Mains Filters


VSU - Voltage Suppression unit (External) - 2W, 3W and 4W