Fan Cooled Resistors

Fan Cooled Resistors


These units are suitable for deck mounting on their included anti-vibration mounts, with enclosures and all fittings and fan in 316 grade stainless steel:


• Total continuous power: 200kW – 1500kW

• Maximum number of electrically separate sections: 14

• Voltage rating: 800V DC or 690V 3 phase AC

• Elements: Mineral insulated with Incoloy sheath, test voltage 2.5kV.

• Cable box: IP56 complete with automatic anti-condensation heater and terminals for one capillary thermostat per section, one PT100 temperature sensor and an airflow sensing switch.


Natural convection


For small inverter drives we offer our standard ES range, intended for indoor use and usually incorporated within or on the roof of the drive system control panels. Standard enclosures are in galvanized sheet steel but optionally 304 or 316 grade stainless. For higher powers we have custom-built designs, optionally with air-to-water heat exchangers to dissipate the brake energy via the ship’s chilled water system.



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