EV Liquid Cooled Resistor Modules

EV Liquid Cooled Resistor Modules


Cressall's new liquid cooled resistors convert excess electricity into heat that can be safely dissipated in the vehicle's existing liquid cooling system. The patented system totally separates the resistor elements from the coolant and deliver maximum thermal conductivity with maximum electrical insulation. The individual 25kW modules are designed to plug together to handle higher powers. The EV resistor is compact, light and completely recyclable.


Advanced materials ensure high performance and reliability. The new EV range has been successfully vibration tested to automotive vibration specifications. Because it has no ambient temperature limits it can be mounted wherever appropriate in the vehicle's coolant system.


The new EV resistor range is just the latest example of Cressall's commitment to advancing electrical braking technology. Our resistors are used in regenerative and dynamic braking for locomotives, metros and mass transit systems, trams, buses, cranes, ships and oil rigs. They are expected to handle the harshest environments with minimum maintenance, so you can be sure that everything we make is made to last.


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