EMI/EMC Devices

EMI/EMC Devices


Roxburgh EMC offers an extensive range of EMC / EMI noise suppression components including chokes, RC Networks and Spark Quenchers for use within electronic equipment. All products are designed and tested to meet Directive 2006/95/EC and UL1283 product safety standards.


The Roxburgh EMC range of EMC / EMI components includes common mode and differential mode chokes, open toroidal chokes, RC/snubber networks (flying leads and PCB Mounted) and spark quenchers. Options include single phase and three phase with flying leads, pcb mounted also available. We also represent overseas manufacturers such as OKAYA.


CMV - PCB Mounted Common Mode Chokes


SMV - PCB Mounted Differential Mode Chokes


SF112 - Open Toroidal Choke


XEB - RC Network - Flying Leads


XE - RC Network - PCB Mounted


CRH - Single Phase Spark Quencher Flying Leads


3CRH - Three Phase Spark Quencher Flying Leads