Discover the World of ADF Active Harmonic Filters

Discover the World of ADF Active Harmonic Filters



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Explore how companies are benefiting from ADF Active Harmonic Filters today, the ADF operating principle and why ADF outcompetes conventional power technologies for optimization of the power supply.


Active Harmonic Filter

Harmonic currents result in power that can't be used and which also takes up electrical system capacity. By the use of active harmonic filters, harmonics can be efficiently eliminated. Click here for more.


ADF P100

ADF P200

ADF P300



ADF P700 Statcom



A STATCOM is usually installed to support electricity networks that have a poor power factor and often poor voltage regulation. STATCOM – originally meaning static synchronous compensator – is a solution often deployed by utilities or large industries to solve flicker, harmonic and dynamic reactive compensation problems. Click here for more.



ADF brings direct impact on your environmental performance, solves power related problems and reduces your production costs. Learn more about the hidden savings potential and find out what benefits ADF Active Harmonic Filters can bring to your company. Click here for more.


How ADF Works

Take a couple of minutes to learn the basic principle behind the ADF technology. Follow the evolution of power quality products and find out why today's complex production processes no longer can rely on traditional passive technologies to handle power quality issues. Click here for more.


Case Studies

The best illustration of true ADF performance is real case studies. Discover a selection of ADF Active Filter and ADF STATCOM installations and what benefits they yield. Click here for more.



The Comsys' ADF Active Filter technology gives the user many benefits and is useful in many areas such as welding, furnaces, wind power systems, solar power systems, lighting, UPS systems and more. Click here for more.