What is a SineTamer

A Sinetamer is the device that protect electronic equipments such as AC drives, DC drives, PLCs and electronic machines.
In short  the Sinetamer protect all electrical & electronic systems from surges and transient spikes.

A transient is a brief  but powerful high-voltage and  high-current  event  that can  last up  to  100 microseconds  (As  defined  by the ANSI  / IEEE C62.41 ).  It  can  peak  as  high  as  100,000  volts during   extreme   events   such  as  lightning,  as high as 10,000 volts due to utility substation operations/grid switching events (external sources),  as  high  as 6,000  volts  for switching inductive loads (electric motors),  and  as  small yet disruptive  as 2.000  volts  created  internally. These internal  causes   can  account for more than a million events  per hour in heavy  industrial environments.

Transients,  spikes,  surges …  these disturbances are  the most  destructive,  costly  and  common power  quality  events  in  industry  today.  In  the United States, these events represent billions of dollars  a  month in  maintenance   and  production costs due to equipment failures,  lost  profits  and losses due to opportunity costs. Over the years as virtually  all equipment  has  become  increasingly microprocessor  based,  such  failures  are more recurrent and more costly.

Other events such as fluctuations, blackouts and harmonics  cause singificant  problems  that  are without a doubt disruptive, however as compared to transients, are much lower in actual damages.

Transients are able to stop equipment and plants for extended periods of time, causing disruptions in  the processes,  delays  in  deliveries  and  loss of credibility to clientele. Often, the repair costs are minimal compared  to the cost of lost  profits or deferred  production. Equipment downtime prevents delivery of product demand and services that customers require.

It is critical to invest  in protection systems in order to mitigate the damages  caused  by transients. The  investment in  SineTamer@ products will cut annual maintainance electrical and / or electronic costs and provide the benefit of return on investment that typically ranges from 3-18 months. Remember that these damages can occur at any time and in various ways: during  a thunderstorm, a failure  in the electrical system, in a blackout or even  by a curious squirrel stumbling into an electrical transformer

Critical system.

Electronic  control  systems  can  be  found  at:  water treatment facilities, traffic control systems, point of sales (POS) terminals, automated industrial process plants, air traffic control systems, data  processing  centres, communication  systems, radio  base stations  of cellular  phone  companies,  clinics  and  hospitals, laboratories, financial centres,  UPS’s, and all manner of military defense systems. The consequences  resulting from failures  in these delicate circuits can, in many cases, be devastating.

SineTamer Protection Network

The Optimal SineTamer® Protection Network consists of installing various types of protection units, strategically located  at specific  points where  the  critical  equipment is  located.  These  are known as levels 1   and  2, where  an equipment  failure can be lethal! The type, number and location of the specific SineTamer® units are determined by an on-site-survey  by our trained distributor. This should be done on all of the panels, conducting  a requirements  analysis  based on the critical nature of the connected  loads. This cascade  system  will  best cover all paths where  transients  are deemed to occur, reducing and eliminating the destructive effects of both types of transients. Even  in the  most severe conditions your system will survive and your equipment will continue operating.

Main Distribution  Panel
In addition to the protection system installed in the main panel listed in category C, it is strongly recommended that you also install suppressors in categories  B and / or A, aper standard specification C62-72-2007, to be applied downstream of the electrical system.

The first line of defense is in the main distribution  board. At this position the extremely high external surges begin to be attenuated and the high transient energy is reduced to levels that suppressors located downstream will eventu• ally eliminate.

Distribution Panel
The second line of defense aims to further reduce the residual missed by the first line, after receiving lightning or failures at the substation. Also to reduce transients generated in other boards

Telecom  and Data Circuits.

Control circuits and voice, data and signal transmission are also exposed to transients. These are very vulnerable, even  minimal levels of transients voltage  can damage communication  ports and integrated  circuits. Therefore, they should  be  protected throughout  the facility and/or select the most critical or high risk spots.

Sub Distribution Boards.

Sub distribution boards are located to feed several areas for specific purposes, especially for critical loads and high value systems. These circuits, due to their value, must be protected

Delicate Systems

It  is  very common  to see extremely  delicate  control systems  such  as  robotic controls,  communications, security  control  centers, specialized machines and/or surgical. These systems need isolation from the transient generating  sources  to give them proper  operational integrity. Making it extremely important to apply good protection to mitigate the effects of transients

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