HPV1000 AC Elevator Drive

Magnetek’s HPV1000 elevator drive, designed for more than 70,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, combines the Industry’s most reliable hardware platform with the best ride quality and simple, quick set up.

It is designed for both new installations and modernisation projects, and retains Magnetek’s familiar, user-friendly parameter layout and controller interface common with earlier generation HPV and Quattro drives. Drive selection is simple using the Online Sizing Tool which includes regen and UPS sizing for a ‘single source’ solution.

Magnetek’s proven technical expertise plus CPA’s industry-leading customer service, are why we are the ‘safe’ choice for elevator installations worldwide.

  • Designed and rated for elevator applications
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous software in the same drive
  • Internal dynamic braking IGBT for drives up to and including 30kW
  • Cooling fans run only when needed
  • Certified zero motor contactor solution
  • Ease of set up using Magnetek’s unique E-Reg speed regulator for best ride quality and improved landing accuracy     
  • Parameters are in elevator industry terminology
  • Two parameter speed regulator tuning
  • No need to remove the ropes to tune critical motor parameters
  • Motor autotune and encoder alignment (PM) without the need to remove the ropes
  • Parameter upload/download software
  • Incremental, EnDat, Sin Cos and Hiperface encoder models supported by an optional encoder card
  • RFI Filter to meet CE standards EN 12015 and EN 12016

  • Three-Phase AC Input Reactors to minimize drive nuisance tripping and faults

  • Three-Phase AC Harmonic Filter to minimize harmonic distortion

  • Dynamic Braking Resistors to dissipate DC Bus voltage during regeneration

  • Optional encoder card to support Incremental, EnDat, Sin Cos and Hiperface encoder types.
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