About Roxburgh EMC

Roxburgh first EMC filter was of a unique cylindrical shape, the SDC range, which were sold to the market for almost 40 years before being replaced by the PC3 range; smaller and more economical.

Since 1969, much has changed in the Roxburgh EMC filter world especially at Roxburgh, not least our business name which has changed from Deltron Emcon to DEM Manufacturing. However, our brand Roxburgh EMC, remains strong and respected as the UKs largest manufacturer of EMC filters.

Significant milestones

As Roxburgh Electronics Limited

  • 1991 – MDF and IHF filters launched primarily for the drives industry
  • 1995 – MIF three phase filters with very high performance, for applications requiring long cable runs
  • In 1997 our Engineers designed the KMF range of industrial EMC filters; the original design of its kind, which became an industry standard having since been reproduced by other manufacturers.

As Deltron Emcon Limited

  • 2000 saw the launch of the KMFV range of High Voltage filters for the Canadian market, along with the R Range of IEC inlet and small chassis mounted filters
  • 2001 KMF bus-bar filters introduced suitable for high current applications in the mining/quarrying and petrochemical industries
  • 2002 added MTE harmonic filters and reactors to the portfolio
  • 2003 satisfied the Japanese market with the LLF range - a new range of low leakage filters

As DEM Manufacturing

  • 2009 – Our products achieved UL 5th Edition status
  • 2014 saw the launch of our latest range of small chassis mounted filters suitable for a wide range of applications in general electronic equipment.
  • 2016 - A new range of chassis filters were designed specifically for the medical industry.

Roxburgh products include: